Payroll and social security services

Employee document services

  • Submit registration as Social Security Act and compensation fund
  • Submit social security fund forms and compensation fund
  • Request a work permit and visa for a foreigner

Payroll services  

  • Calculate salary / wage / diligence, overtime, transportation, living expenses, other benefits and deductions (if any)
  • Make a report to send social security contributions. (Sor.Phor.Sor.1-10)  
  • Submit the social security of new employee and notify the social security of employee resignation.
  • Prepare a payroll report with a summary report and summary of expense sheet for issuing cheques or to enter the business for payment.
  • Prepare payroll slip for employees
  • Prepare withholding tax reports (Phor.Ngor.Dor.1) for submitting to the Revenue Department
  • Prepare personal income tax (Phor.Ngor.Dor.1 Kor) for submitting to the Revenue Department.
  • Provide a withholding tax certificate (50 Tawi) to the person who is withheld.

Social security and compensation works

  • Prepare and register a social security fund and compensation fund
  • Preparation of employee registration

Service fees for creating and filing personal income tax forms

  • For those with income 40(1) such as regular salaries and wages
  • For those with income 40(2) such as bonuses and other compensation
  • Prepare and submit personal income tax forms (only Phor Ngor. 91, 90)

Service rates

No.employees Service rates (monthly)
Not more than 5 people, 5,000.00 baht / month (lump sum contract)
6 -10 persons 1,000 baht / person / month
11 – 20 persons 700 baht / person / month
21 – 30 persons 600 baht / person / month
31 – 40 persons 500 baht / person / month
41 – 50 persons 400 baht / person / month
51 persons, 300 baht / person / month

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